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The Day the Bands Attacked

1. Name:Anna
2. Age:15
3. School/City its located in: Brandon, SD
4. What bands are you in: Marching Band, Red Concert Band, Pep Band
5. Are or have you been a field commander/section leader: No, not yet.
6. What instruments do you play/ how long have you played them: Clarinet(band):5 years, Flute: 4 years, Piano: 8 years, Guitar: just started
7. What makes you a band geek: i never hated band. my parents never made me do it and never had to make me practice. i'd most certainly die without band
8. Your best and favorite band camp story/ Memory: well our drill writer ryan is.....well an ass and we all hate him. but the funniest was when mr. kessler our band director was telling a story and asked would you through the drill writer off the cliff or the band director and b4 he even finished the question my best friend margaret yelled out "RYAN!" of course ryan gave her the dirtiest look....well until she gave him an even dirtier one. lol

Things you like

9. 3 Fave bands: simple plan, all-american rejects, good charlotte, bowling for soup, BLUE MAN GROUP!
10. Fave book: Harry Potter books. but specifically Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
11. Fave movie: Drumline lol dave!

About band
12. What chair are you and out of how many: hat hard....probably 3rd or 4th out of 12 or something
13. What do you think being a band geek is: when all you're friends say they wish they could quit and you have to talk them out of it
14. how big is your school band: about... 225 somewhere close to that
15. Are you in marching band: of course! nothing better

Your opinion

16. do you have to play an instrument to be a band? why or why not? of course. how can a band be good with people who can't play instruments. even the conductors need to be able to play a large amount of the instruments
17. What do you think about american pie?never seen it
18. Where you offenced by the American pie movies?....like i said never seen it

Few more things
19. Is band the most important thing to you? well not over my family and friends.but yea its pretty important. i wouldn't give it up for anything.
20. Do you think your a band geek?I LOVE BAND!
21. Promote us in one place, show us the link? http://www.livejournal.com/users/hprocker/
22. Post at least 3 pics of yourself ? i do get all my pics from my band's site www.bvband.com




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