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the day the bands attacked

1. Name: Sadie
2. Age: 14
3. School/City its located in: Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA
4. What bands are you in: marching and concert bands
5. Are or have you been a field commander/section leader: no, I want to be one and I hold them in high esteem
6. What instruments do you play/ how long have you played them: [longest to shortest]
B-flat clarinet - six and a half years [my current clarinet is a Buffet E-11 with silver/nickel keys and a wood body]
flute, trombone, bass clarinet - one year each
alto sax, trumpet, viola - works in progess
7. What makes you a band geek: I began over the summer between third and fourth grade in a "head start" music class. I continued in fourth and fifth grade. When I got to middle school, about half our number gave up band for sports. I stuck to it, and still have. The other four band people from middle school that went to Cap quit. Oh yeah, I was McGaw's [my old band teacher] aide for two years. That entailed score-ordering music, filing it, and cleaning instruments. And I count the timing for all my CDs. And I count the timing on my CDs. For my soundtracks, I pick apart the song and figure out which instruments play which parts. .____O
8. Your best and favorite band camp story/ Memory: I've never been to band camp ^___^;;. But my favorite memory is probably at the Homecoming game. Since most of my friends went to Mills [our rival, and the school I was supposed to go to], I went over during third quarter break to bug them. Mr. A [my current band teacher] was over there talking with their director and asked me what I was doing. Then someone, actually my old standpartner, shouted, "OMIGOD YOU GO TO CAP?". I answered, "No, I like wearing this ten-pound uniform and suspenders, plus carry around a clarinet, for fun. Oh yeah, I march with them because they look sexy." I've never before seen Mr. A laugh that hard, as with the rest of my band friends.

Things you like

9. 3 Fave bands: GLOBE, See-saw, and ROUND TABLE. They're all J-pop [Japanese pop] artists.
10. Fave book: Eldest by Christopher Paolini
11. Fave movie: Chicago

About band
12. What chair are you and out of how many: I'm stand two, clarinet two, out of five clarinets [and I am only a freshman]
13. What do you think being a band geek is: Being a band geek is about sticking to band. It's about not being embarrassed to wear your polo shirt and t-shirt to school, and being able to have people laugh at you while you play at rallies. It's about not giving up when you can't play. Being a band geek is being dedicated to band no matter what, and being proud to say that you're in band. If you can't do that, then you don't deserve to be in band at all.
14. how big is your school band: thirty-six people
15. Are you in marching band: yes

Your opinion

16. do you have to play an instrument to be a band? why or why not?: No, you don't. You could sing for a band and still be part of it, can't you? We've had the choir come in once to sing with us.
17. What do you think about american pie?: It's pretty good. Not the best, but still pretty good. ^__^
18. Where you offenced by the American pie movies?: not at all. I'm not easily offended.

Few more things
19. Is band the most important thing to you?: YES. I'd probably keel over and be dead if we didn't have band. Even orchestra, for that matter. Music is my favorite subject. Nothing else can keep me sane.
20. Do you think your a band geek?: yes. ^__^ I think it's one of my only things to talk about. I LOVE BAND!
21. Promote us in one place, show us the link?: my own journal, this commune is on my friends list:
22. Post at least 3 pics of yourself ?: [bottom right corner: the chick sitting in front, top left: girl diagonally down-left from the guy with the alto sax, and the center two I can't remember where I was ^____^;;]
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