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1. Name: Nina
2. Age: 17
3. School/City its located in: Jupiter HS/Jupiter, FL (Right next to Mars)
4. What bands are you in: Wind Ensemble and Marching Band
5. Are or have you been a field commander/section leader: I was section leader this past year and I'm drum major for the year coming up
6. What instruments do you play/ how long have you played them: Flute-7 years, Piccolo- 4 years, Clarinet- 1 year
7. What makes you a band geek: I live, breathe, and sleep band
8. Your best and favorite band camp story/ Memory: We have a skit night on the Thursday night of camp and last year the juniors dressed up as and made fun of the seniors. My class decided to make it tradition this year.

Things you like

9. 3 Fave bands: Boston Crusaders (Seriously), Goo Goo Dolls, and Evanescence
10. Fave book: The Da Vinci Code
11. Fave movie: Rent

About band
12. What chair are you and out of how many: 3/8
13. What do you think being a band geek is: Giving up everything else for band
14. how big is your school band: 200
15. Are you in marching band: Yes

Your opinion

16. do you have to play an instrument to be a band? why or why not? No. As far as I'm concerned... guard is just as much a part of band, and a lot of them don't play instruments
17. What do you think about american pie? I didn't watch it
18. Where you offenced by the American pie movies? I don't think it's offensive, it just gets old really fast

Few more things
19. Is band the most important thing to you? Yes it is
20. Do you think your a band geek? YES!!! I love band :)
21. Promote us in one place, show us the link? (Scroll down next to home on the darker blue bar... links will come up)
22. Post at least 3 pics of yourself ?

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